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Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Nail polish is the new lipstick." -- This saying has been going around since last year, and I believe that whoever said that is absolutely right. I, for one, would rather splurge on cute nail accessories and enamels than lipstick because the shades and colors are easier to pull off. From color blocking to animal prints, one can sport the season's latest trend with their nails.

I have started painting my nails when I entered college - that was about three years ago, because colored nails were not allowed in my high school. Doing my own manicure became a habit and a way of relieving stress. My friends would sometimes ask where I got my nails done / where I bought my polish.

my nail polish collection
My mother and sisters love getting their nails done too, so we have a lot of colors at home. We tried out a lot of brands, both local and foreign, and my favorite would have to be the ones from The Face Shop, China Glaze, and OPI. ☺ They're not sticky and the consistency is just right. The brush glides through my nails easily, and it dries fast upon application. The polish in the bottle does not thicken too. ♥ I prefer wearing darker shades on my tips and toes because they make a good contrast on my light skin. Lighter polish shades look good on long nails.

Later on, I tried taking my manicuring hobby to a different level. There are lots of ways to design nails. There are even stores that offer digital nail art, using a printer to paint any design on your digits. I don't have the leisure time to go to the nail spa salon every so often, so I tried doing my own nail art. I experimented with glitters, stickers, and tiny rhinestones. I get inspiration from anything under the sun.  Sometimes my nail designs don't end up the way I want it because it takes a lot of time and practice. Watching tutorials on YouTube helps too. ☺

my nail art kit ♥
Nail art accessories, stamps, brushes, and pens can be bought in nail specialty stores. I've seen a lot of them in bazaars, and I think there's also one in Harrison Plaza. They usually sell imported products from Korea and Japan. I've been wanting to get my hands on a brush, but haven't had the time to really look for one. I get most of my stuff from The Face Shop. Aside from having a wide variety of shades and colors, they sell dotting pens and stickers too! They also have the tape for attaining the perfect french tips. ☺ They are cheap and relatively easy to find. I bought my nail art beads set from Fully Booked (Eastwood branch) for P63.00. I'm sure they are also available in other beauty and accessory stores, like Etude House or PinkBox.

If you're not sure about the whole nail art thing, it's always easy to invest on classic shades of nail polish because they're very affordable and chic. Or if you prefer to be simple but still well groomed, you can try colorless or nude shades - very elegant and timeless. Whatever your taste might be, there's always a design/color fit for your style.

some nail art designs I did, posted on my Instagram ☺
 - Christmas Lights - Newspaper Print - Halloween (Crackle Glaze) - Strawberry -

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  1. I should say, you are a great writer! Your nail art designs are great as well. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you! :) I like your page. You have some great nail art supplies there! :D