Crazy over Little Louie's Cupcakes

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cupcakes! Fresh and yummy home-baked cupcakes!
I felt the need to blog because I have been craving nothing but sweets these past few days, and Little Louie's Cupcakes have always been my go-to store to get my cupcake fix.

From Top to Left: Little Louie's Peppermint Oreo, Granny's Spiced Red Velvet,
Salted Caramel, and Golden Caramel Cupcake

Ever since Cupcakes by Sonja opened its store in Serendra, a lot of bakers and pastry enthusiasts tried starting their own cupcake business. It's not just a fad. In fact, because of the variety of flavors and designs, these yummy sugary sponges have replaced chocolates and flowers as presents for special occasions. You see them in food bazaars everywhere. They have become every girl's guilty pleasure.

I've been ordering cupcakes almost every week now from my lit blockmate, Jessica Clemente. She runs her own cupcake business named after her younger sister, Louie. What started as a hobby to treat her sister with scrumptious goodies grew into a booming business today. Little Louie's Cupcakes are made from the freshest and finest ingredients. Jes personally bakes each piece with heart and creativity. I say this with certainty because I have observed that the cupcakes that I order from her are perfectly frosted and embellished with lovely toppings, making the whole look appetizing. My friends and I all love and support LLC! A few weeks ago, I ordered a box of customized Milk Chocolate cupcakes to encourage a good friend of mine, in line with the campaign happening on the USG General Elections at that time. From the look of the cupcakes alone, LLC does not disappoint. The presentation is very clean and simple, following the colors of the political party. They look too good to eat!

Santugon (Blue and Yellow) Themed Cupcakes for Ivan
Customized orders are perfect presents! Ivan was so happy when he received the cupcakes that he tried preserving them in the fridge for as long as he could. :)) It really amazes me how Jes is able to design such delicious cupcakes in exactly how the customers want them. After reading about it on Facebook, a guy friend asked me about LLC because he wanted to surprise a girl he likes with a box of these sugary treats. It's the best way to be sweet to a special friend, literally.

Just this morning, we had to present our final creative projects in our Southeast Asian Literature class. This is what Jes did for her creative output:
Cupcakes that Jes specially baked for our SEALITE class
They're so creative and cute! The designs symbolize certain points from the texts we had read. This was given to our professor at the end of the period. The whole class was impressed by Jes' work and was silently wishing for free cupcakes too. Haha.

The flavors that LLC offers are rich and original. Aside from the classic vanilla and chocolate flavors, LLC makes use of unique ingredients like Golden Oreos, fresh zucchinis, Bailey's® Irish Cream, and Jack Daniel's whiskey to add more mouthwatering goodness in the recipes. They have also recently released their sugar-free line! Now more people can enjoy these lovely cuppies (Apple Carrot, Dark Chocolate, Lemon Zucchini, and Granny's Spiced Red Velvet) without feeling guilty from eating too much sugar.

I have personally tried some of their best selling flavors: Salted Caramel, Granny's Spiced Red Velvet, and Golden Caramel Cupcakes.

The Salted Caramel cupcake has been a favorite among LLC lovers and first-time customers. It has the right amount of chocolate spongy sweetness and a salted core that makes you 'puke rainbows' (as one customer commented on the LLC page). My brother really liked it too, and he just had a single bite. Eating this goodie left me wanting for more.

Granny's Spiced Red Velvet is not just your ordinary red velvet cupcake. It is rich and moist, with an added twist of special blended spices. The swirled cream cheese on top complements the whole taste of this red treat. A friend  of mine (who does not know Jes personally) commented on how this was the best red velvet cupcake she had ever tasted. It's definitely different because of the distinct zingy flavor added to it.

The Golden Caramel Cupcake is a newly added flavor in the menu. I ordered it on a whim because at that time, the Vanilla and Milk Chocolate cupcakes were not available. I love ittttt. The taste is not too sweet. It's soft to bite and the bits of golden oreos on top provide the right amount of crunchiness to the whole cupcake. It's made a classic vanilla base with caramel and yummy Golden Oreos, plus a mix of Swiss meringue buttercream. I like the whole look of this cupcake. It's a definite must try!

For my next order, I want to try the Golden Banana Crumb (I should have ordered this long ago because it's made from my favorite fruit!), Lemon Zucchini (I'm really curious about how this would taste. They say that it doesn't taste like the veggie at all because of the good mix of spices and vanilla cream cheese), and Bailey's Irish Cream. I just can't get enough. LLC should open a bakery / cafe near Taft so I could satisfy my cravings (in the near future, maybe?). I'm so excited to eat and try them all!

Check out their Facebook page or email Jes Clemente at to view their complete menu. :) Order NOW! You know you want to! :>


  1. ang cute ng cupcakes~ parang ayoko ring kainin yan, prepreserve ko rin :))

    1. They're super yummy!! Haha order ka! :D


    1. Hahaha can't resist them! Pag open ko pa lang ng box to take a picture, naamoy na ng katabi ko sa PHILOPE, gusto na rin niya. :))