Time to Indulge

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's my summer vacation! I now have more time to do non-academic things - for leisure and for helping around the house. I wish I could go somewhere out of town to really experience summer but I'm terribly broke and stuck in Manila. To cheer myself up, I have been trying to spend each day of summer worth while.

I sleep really late every night (or rather, very early every morning) because I have been doing my chores and watching dramas/movies online. I have been engrossed in the world of Asian drama, particularly the Korean drama Love Rain, starring Im Yoona (from SNSD) and Jang Geun Seuk (I've been a fan of him since his appearance in Hwang Jin Yi and You're Beautiful ♥). They say that the show had low ratings in Korea, but that did not stop me from watching it! I'm still waiting for the release of episode 11, so I could not say much about it as a whole.

Being in front of my laptop the whole day gets pretty lonely and dragging at some point, so once in a while, I try to spending time with close friends, both from high school and college. I chat with Tricia almost every night, just exchanging ideas about film and fashion, and when we're both free, we go to the mall to shop. I also bond with my high school friends. The girls came over to my house the other day to play, and they made other plans for next week too, I hope they push through!!

spent Friday the 13th having fun with high school friends
I have been writing a lot as well, revising a few pieces of poetry and journalizing my personal thoughts, hence, this blog. I have a bunch of books to read in my bookshelf! Seeing them keeps me excited because I never had the time to read for fun with my majors and thesis work last term. I have been reading and familiarizing myself with other blogs too. A week ago, I managed to win a pair of purple-white shades from Matchmakerme x Firmoo blog giveaway (see their press release here to find out more) and a couple of lovely cupcakes from LLC x Style Surgery by Megann. Yum! Thank you, guys!! ♥

Because this blog is all about my summer indulges, I could not help but confess that I also have been eating like a pig. Seriously. I have been trying to reduce my calorie intake but my mom brought home a sack full of chocolates, so I have been eating nonstop. Self-control, where are youuu? I have been having a yoyo kind of diet, which is not good. I'm trying to convince myself that by eating, I am making myself happy. And well.. I really am, honestly. I'm helping other people decide what to eat, too! How? By writing food reviews~

Today, I commuted under the scorching sun, traveled via Jeepney-MRT-LRT to Taft for my love for cupcakes. I think I have gotten two shades darker because of the Manila heat and sun, but I'm not complaining. I got to spend time with my best friend, doing what we love best - eating! I'm still so full from what I ate earlier. It's kind of funny when I remember how my day went. Here's a part two of my Little Louie's Cupcakes flavor adventure, including two of their latest flavors--

Overstuffed PB&J Chunk: The taste is definitely different from other cupcakes. It's like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich plus more. You won't get bored eating it because it's loaded with flavor. The first layer of vanilla cake matches well with the peanut butter and you get a bonus of chocolate frosting topped with nuts and a drizzle of strawberry jam. The design is also very chic: a heart-shaped fondant is placed on the middle, surrounded by honey roasted peanuts. Sweet!

Hazelnut Dream: Since I am a huge fan of chocolate cakes, this has become one of my faves! It's yummy and rich. The frosting melts easily when you bite, giving you a taste of Nutella mixed with the buttercream frosting. The hazelnut on top gives me the same delight as when I eat the almond in a piece of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Will definitely buy more of theseee!

Jack Daniel's Cupcake: I ordered this cupcake for my sister because she was curious about how it would taste. I took a bite of it myself. There's a faint taste of alcohol in it, adding to the richness of the chocolate. The crushed nuts sprinkled on top seals the overall flavor. 

Golden Banana Crumb: The banana is my favorite fruit of all time. I love everything banana - banana split, banana bread, banana shake, bananaque, turon, banana chips, and now this. The whole cupcake design is simple and is very true to its name. The golden crumbs add crunch to every bite, and the sponge cake, with noticeable banana dots, is moist and full of flavor. For me, it's like a yummy cupcake version of a banana bread.

I wish I had pictures, but the cupcakes have been through so much that they became unphotogenic by the time I reached home. It was reaaaalllyyy crowded in the train; people were pushing each other, including me, cupcakes in hand - but that's really no surprise. It's a good thing that I still get to eat them. See the first part of my LLC blog post here! ☺

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