Review: [The Face Shop] FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37/PA++

Friday, May 11, 2012

FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream
(image from their official website)
The Face Shop has a wide variety BB creams for different needs and skin types, but the Power Perfection BB Cream is their newest and best one so far (that's what the TFS lady told me when I visited their branch in Megamall just recently). It is said to be a "3-in-1" BB Cream for anti-wrinkle, whitening, and sun protection. It promises to provide "total skin treatment to achieve a 'power perfection skin' by imparting proactive care to overall skin problems, including bagginess, roughness, and dryness." It comes in two shades: 01 light beige and 02 natural beige. 

his is my second BB Cream. I have been using the SkinFood Gingko Green BB Cream for over a year now and I am quite satisfied with that product, but I think it's about time I try another brand. I got my FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream from my sister's friend who went to Korea (thank you dichi and achi Krissca! ☺), but it's also available in all TFS shops here in the Philippines, only a bit more expensive. It is available in a 20ml (11,900 KRW) and 40ml (22,900 KRW) tube with a pump at the bottom, which is convenient and hygienic to use. 

Like other BB Creams, the FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream
evens out my skin tone. I have been using it for about a month now. I'm not sure about its whitening properties, but it does make my face lighter upon application. The lady from TFS Megamall said that the 01 light beige suits my skin color more, but I use the 02 natural beige for a more natural look. My face looks really fair despite using a 'darker' shade (I feel like I might look too pale, almost ghastly pale, if I use the lighter shade). 

oil control properties are average. I have a normal skin type, and my T-zone area gets a bit oily through the day, but I think that's only natural.

coverage is great. I have been reading mixed reviews on this BB cream, some say that it's heavy or a bit cakey on the face, but it's actually the opposite for me. The texture of the cream is very light and it spreads easily. I only need a pea-sized amount for my whole face, because using more than that would make me look too white. It gives my face a healthy dewy finish that lasts long. It covers up my dark eyes and blemishes that I no longer feel the need to use foundation. It's a good moisturizer too. 

I like the smell, it reminds me of baby powder but not that strong, which is nice. 

What I love most about this product, aside from the coverage it provides, is its
sun protection factor. It has SPF37, the highest UV protection that TFS offers in their line of BB creams. Because I commute everyday, I get exposed to the sun a lot. The previous BB Cream that I used didn't have any SPF at all, so I am very happy with this one. 

BB Cream swatches for comparison

From the image, you can see that my skin tone is closer to the TFS Face it Power Perfection BB Cream in natural beige. The Gingko Green BB Cream #1 is a bit lighter and I still use it sometimes, because my skin is very comfortable with it and it makes my face glow, but I would have to say that a lot of BB Creams can do a better job. It has very little coverage. I do give it some credit because it's SkinFood's very first BB cream, hence it doesn't have SPF and it acts more like a tinted moisturizer. 

There are so many types of BB Creams out in the market now, but it's all about matching your skin to the right product. Now that I have discovered the wonders of this Power Perfection baby, I'm never going back to the old Gingko Green. Just remember, when using this BB cream, just use a
pea-sized amount on your finger. Use that amount to put dots on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, then spread evenly. I'm stressing this point because it would get cakey and too white on the face if you use more than that.

Overall, my rating for this BB Cream is 4/5. ☺

Walking on Sunshine

Monday, May 07, 2012

I'm not really a morning person, so getting out of bed early is kind of a big feat for me. A few days ago, we had our inter-college enrollment online. I woke up extra early so I could enlist in classes that I want while there are still slots available, but because of server problems, I didn't get the classes that I desperately needed. It was an unpleasant way to start my morning. I didn't want to think about it much so I decided to treat myself to something nice. 

I took a jeep to Ortigas to see my sister. It was her lunch break and she asked me if I wanted to eat with her. From her office, we drove to Kapitolyo to eat brunch at Milky & Sunny. I have always wanted to eat there because I've seen pictures of their cute interior and yummy breakfast meals online. It was a small place, quite hidden and difficult to find if you're not familiar with the area. It's right beside Moonleaf Tea Shop and also a few blocks away from my old nursery school, Humpty Dumpty School! I get all nostalgic when I see it (my old nursery, I mean). Haha. My sister didn't eat breakfast while I only ate salad that morning, so we were both starving. When we got there, there were only two other customers.

I love how light everything is. The whole place is themed blue and white, which reminded me of clouds in the sky. We were seated beside the window, so sunlight shone through the glass and made the place even brighter. Everything in sight was clean and tidy. There were paintings displayed on the walls, some pillows, and magazines that customers can use while waiting for their orders.

Inside Milky & Sunny
I wanted to try almost everything in the menu. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day because it kick-starts our energy levels and metabolism, and I think it's also the yummiest. We ordered Choco Hazelnut French Toast (Php130) for our starter. It smelled so good when they placed it on our table. The taste did not disappoint. The toast was soft to bite, especially because it's still hot. The chocolate syrup generously lathered on top was heavenly. I'd love to try it again in my next visit.

Choco Hazelnut French Toast
After that came our next orders, Eggs Benedict (Php150) for me and Chicken and Waffles (Php150) for my sister. The servings were huge and we almost couldn't finish them because we were already stuffed from the french toast we had. The Eggs Benedict was absolutely delicious. The ham, bacon, some leafy vegetable, and a perfectly poached egg was placed on top of a muffin swimming in egg yolk and butter. 

Eggs Benedict
The Chicken and Waffles is a combination of sweet and salty flavors, just the way we like it. Chicken fillet, bacon, and cheese was sandwiched in between two yummy waffles with sweet syrup. 

Chicken and Waffles
After eating so much, I felt a bit guilty because we were supposed to be on a diet. They were just so good. The dishes were hot and freshly cooked, which made it even more mouthwatering. ☺ Aside from the classic English / American breakfast, they also serve pasta, cereals, milkshakes, and Filipino-styled breakfast meals (their Tapa with garlic, egg, and rice is a bestseller).

The designs hanged on the wall add character to the whole place.
Milky & Sunny is the place to be for the best comfort food. It's a very chill place to hang out with friends and family. Here you can eat breakfast at any time of the day. They're located at 9 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig. Check our their website or their Facebook Page for more information.

After our meal, my sister had to go back to work. She dropped me by Raffles building in Emerald Ave., Ortigas because I wanted to get a haircut at Hair News, a small Korean Salon that she recommended to me a week ago. She already had her bangs cut and her hair colored a shade lighter there, so I knew my hair was in good hands. When I entered the salon, I was greeted cheerfully by the owner and hairstylist, Ms. Julie Park. The salon gave a kind of homey feel. There was only a middle-aged Korean customer getting his hair done when I came. Her two assistants were also friendly and one of them kept chatting with me because I was a new customer.

I had three inches of my hair chopped off, layered, and my bangs trimmed. I look like my old self again, and I'm quite happy with the result. Their prices are relatively cheaper than other Korean Hair Salons. Their regular haircut for men and women is Php 450. I wasn't able to ask about the rates for their other services though, but my sister told me that their hair colouring services is cheaper because they use Korean products. After my cut, I was given three business cards so I could recommend the place to my friends. They were really nice to me and I would definitely go back again. For those who want to try their services, visit them at Unit 103 G/F, Raffles Bldg, Emerald Ave., Ortigas Pasig City or call 916-4582.

I didn't have a car, so I walked to Podium then to Megamall to kill some time while my sister's still working. Walking from one place to another makes me feel independent and street smart. Ortigas seems like a small place because the places are pedestrian friendly and the malls and offices are just walking distance from each other. I passed by Strata 100 again, which made me miss my internship at Meg. At around 5:30 I walked back to her office and we ended up buying Korean goodies in Easy Kitchen Sonamoo Mart. It's the usual place where I buy my favorite Binggrae banana milk and Melona ice cream treats, but now I wanted to try the green tea ice cream. I was a very happy girl when I got home. ☺