Review: [Etude House] Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in #5 (Sweet Orange)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bubble Hair Coloring is a new and easier way to color your hair. It's different from other DIY coloring sets because instead of meticulously brushing gel on every part of your hair, you would only have to pump bubbles and massage it on your head. I have read so much about it that I had to try it for myself.
Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in No. 5 (Sweet Orange)
Image from their official website.

I bought the Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in #5 (Sweet Orange) for only PHP 378.00 in Etude House. It's way cheaper than other permanent hair dyes in the market. So far, Etude House offers seven colors to choose from: #1 Deep Black, #2 Dark Brown, #3 Natural Brown, #4 Wine Red, #5 Sweet Orange, #6 Gold Blonde, and #7 Mocha Pink. I got the Sweet Orange shade because I wanted my hair to have a kind of chestnut brown tone, which was similar to the one printed on the box.

Inside the box, you'll find: a 30ml sachet of hair coloring (no.1), a 50ml bottle with pump containing the oxidizer (no.2), a 10ml sachet of silky perfumed conditioner, gloves, vinyl gown, and the directions (which was kind of useless for me because it was completely written in Korean).

There are lots of tutorials available online, but for blogging purposes, here's what I did:
  1. Wear the gloves and vinyl gown provided. 
  2. Pour the sachet of hair coloring (#1) into the pumping bottle with oxidizer (#2). Screw the cap back on, including the stopper to lock. 
  3. Tilt the from side to side about six times for the solution to mix. Do not shake it! You would notice that the solution would heat up a bit. Remove the stopper. 
  4. Pump out the bubbles and apply it evenly on your hair. Start from your roots to your tips. Massage your scalp so that the color would spread. It's as simple as applying shampoo. Use up all of the contents in the bottle so that your hair would be completely covered in foam. 
  5. Let the foam stay on your head for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you want the color to take into effect. You would notice that the color of the foam would change the longer it stays on your hair. The purple suds turned brown in mine. 
  6. Rinse your hair. Use the Silky Perfumed Treatment as a conditioner to make your hair soft and smooth. 
  7. Dry your hair and see the results. 

Helpful Tips:
  • Wear an old shirt under the vinyl gown because the shampooing part can get a bit messy. 
  • Use the entire bottle! Make sure your hair is evenly colored. The foam won't last long so it can't be stored. It's better to put everything on your hair than throw the excess away. 
  • Section your hair so it would be easier to put foam in the inside parts of your hair. 
  • Be careful when applying the foam on your hair or while waiting, as the coloring agent might get to your eyes. 
  • Do this in a not-so-humid place to avoid the perspiration of your scalp. 
  • The box clearly says that the foam cannot be used to dye eyebrows... but I did it anyway. Haha I was worried that the shade of my hair would be too light so I put a bit on my eyebrows and carefully rinsed it off after 15 minutes (I wouldn't want my eyebrows to be too light). Again, be careful! If it gets into your eyes, rinse with water immediately. 

I heard Kao Liese / Prettia is a good brand too. My friend tried the Liese Bubble Hair Color in Milk Tea Brown and it turned out nice. The light brown shade is very evident in her hair probably because her hair is reactive to the chemical or she let it stay on her scalp a bit longer. I have read from Kao Liese's website that "Results will vary depending on the shade and lightness of hair before coloring, the hair's condition, room temperature and how long the mixture is left on. It is useful to know your hair condition prior to coloring." ☺

Now the results! Do take note that I used flash when I took these with my camera.

Dark roots are showing! Eek!
I have only dyed my hair once, so I was worried that the color would not take that much effect since I had really dark hair.

My hair is shiny and silky smooth~

After the bubble hair process, the color of my hair turned even from the roots to tips. The foam was so easy to apply and spread all over my head. I used flash in taking this shot so the color is bright, but under normal light, it's not really like that. My hair now appears a bit chestnut brown when under the sun, but the bright orange color that I wanted is not that obvious (again, it's evident in the picture because I used flash), so I was a tad bit disappointed.

I like how my hair did not dry and that even if I had the foam on for more than 30 minutes, there was no itchiness or burning on my scalp. The silky perfumed conditioner did the trick! It had such a nice smell too. If it's not enough for your hair, you can use your own conditioner. Overall, I am rating this product a 3.5/5. ♥ I'm satisfied with the results because it's not too drastic and still noticeable at the same time.

Update Dec 2013: I tried the Wine Red version, and the color isn't as noticeable and as long lasting as Sweet Orange. It only added a slight hinge of red to my dark hair, and it bled out after a few weeks. The result was uneven also (I guess it really depends on how good you are in making sure your whole hair is covered). It was nice while it lasted though.