A Life-Changing First Quarter

Friday, March 22, 2013

In my previous blog entry, I talked about things that I was thankful for in 2012. With the boring monotonous lifestyle I have been having, one would expect me to live with the same old routines and day-to-day adventures. But now, three months into 2013, I am simply overwhelmed. February 2013 was the month a lot of changes happened in my life. Some life skills were learned, my personality developed, and my perspective widened. March is another story - it was the time that I became officially employed, attended our first press event, and ultimately realized how lil' old me can actually fit in this industry.

After I finished my thesis in mid-December, and I started bumming around the house. I ate a lot of junk food, read a lot of books, watched a number of films and series, and played Skyrim (yes, I play Skyrim) like there is no tomorrow. I actually considered myself as a productive bum because I was gaining so much knowledge of popular culture. But the time came when I grew bored of being a bum and getting fat. I wanted to challenge myself and do something more with my time. I wanted to learn how to cook and drive, but I didn't want to spend my savings and 紅包 money for ingredients and driving lessons. So I started looking for a job.

My sister saw a job opening through her friend's friend's Facebook post, and she sent me a link. I emailed my cover letter and resume to the address, and about 30 minutes later, someone contacted me. I had my first job interview the next day, and when I got home, I got the feedback via phone call. I was told that the company cannot hire me yet because I have not yet officially graduated. Even though I am done with all my units, I do not have the documents (my diploma or transcript of records) to process my application. But then, they saw how I was bored at home (I think that was the exact words), so they wanted to offer me a position as a Project Assistant. I can work like a freelancer or intern while waiting for my graduation. The compensation they offered was just about enough to cover my daily transportation, food, and miscellaneous expenses. I thought about it for a day, and the next day, I came back to the office to sign the contract and start my orientation. So much has happened in just three days.

I wanted to have a good start in my career (who doesn't?). I wanted to be in a company / work environment that I would be excited to go to every morning. During our church's prayer and fasting week, I asked God for no delays in my graduation (because I applied late) and to give me a job that I would love and enjoy. I specifically prayed for a position that would help me grow in my career and as an individual - with colleagues that I can be friends with and that would also help me in my walk with God. I felt a bit insecure because I was pursuing a very corporate career in marketing even though I did not have a business degree. But then this opportunity came up, to work even before I graduate, to learn and earn some experience and to beef up my non-business-related resume. That month, I once again realized how great God's timing is. When He answers prayers, He gives you the very best. 

Looking back, I actually miss my nonexistent bum days. I was not able to maximize my post-thesis freedom that much. I have less free time and I only get to hang-out with friends during weekends or after office hours. But with the quarter of 2013 nearly over, I can genuinely say that I am happy where I am now. After my month-long contract as a Project Assistant, the company officially hired as an employee. I recently got my first payroll, and of course, to celebrate these first fruits of my labor, I am giving a portion to the church and to my family and yaya -- I can finally (and proudly) say that dinner is on me! ♥ With the new work environment (and a shorter commute!), I also have more responsibilities. I get stressed and tired sometimes, but so far, I am enjoying what I do. I learn something different each day. I am starting to love this new routine and the independence that comes with it. ☺


  1. Never doubted you. I'm sure you'll go a long way! Proud of you :)

  2. This blog brightened up my day =3 i only saw it now =3 your doing Great keep it up aim higher =3 Thanks for the message its such a big inspiration and eye opener for me =3 God bless and you'll be the best I know you will =3

    Guess who? =3 ~SHY ~

  3. Hi Eliza! Would you know if Meg accepts undergraduate internships for sophomores in college? Or just for OJT for graduating students?
    Thank you so much in advance :)

    1. I think they do! You can call One MEGA Group's HR department to ask and apply. That's what I did. :)