Eliza Tan is 25 years young, a girl who loves God and lives her life to honor Him.
Circa 2013, she graduated from De La Salle University with a major in Literature, and landed her first job for a luxury beauty brand. 

As for her interests and hobbies, Eliza is very fond of all things bright and happy. Her favorite color is yellow, because it represents lightness and smiles. She appreciates art, beauty, music, fashion, and food. Especially food. She would put just about anything sweet in her mouth, or anything with cheese (pizza!!). She likes learning about new things and travelling to different places. She is a self-proclaimed nail artist - she enjoys painting and designing her nails into tacky colors, and a lot of people commend her for the effort and creativity.

Eliza is a princess, the daughter of the King of Kings. She is also the youngest child of her parents, a loving sister, and a supportive friend. She likes giving and receiving hugs. She occasionally bakes pastries for her family and friends. She loves giving personalized letters. The really long ones. She is an aspiring writer. The written word is a powerful tool and she uses this to talk about everything she experiences: the books she reads, food she loves, and the places she goes to. She is a keen observer of the obvious. She draws inspiration from her life encounters, and finds peace in writing prose and poetry for leisure. She wants to touch and help others through her life. She wishes to travel outer-space and be the first young Filipina to step foot on the moon. Her ultimate goal is to be the best homemaker in the future, the really cool kind. She is a dreamer.

Email Eliza at elizabridget@gmail.com | Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram. ♥

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